Environment protection activity

Following the basic idea of "Nippon Muki corporate action principle" and "Nippon Muki environment protection action guidance", by improving environment, maintaining its facilities and managing labor safety without failure for reducing the load affecting earth environment and maintaining it, Nippon Muki established "Environment safety policy" for aiming safety working condition with low environment contaminating load and good relationship with neighboring ociety.

On the date of September 1, 2006

Basic principle

  1. Nippon Muki considers that well balanced relation with environment and extinction of disaster are important subject and all employees deal with them.
  2. We assemble all our efforts for environment safety countermeasures, make them in order without any inconsistencies, and enforce them efficiently in terms of technology and management.
  3. We observe international environment safety standards and national/local government regulations related to environment and labor safety hygiene, and pay special attention for communicating government agency and neighboring residents.
  4. We establish environment management system and labor safety hygiene management system based on environment international standard ISO14001 and promote reduction of the load affecting earth environment and maintenance of both it and work environment.

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