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December 14, 2008

New Product “ATOMS Ultra Low Pressure Drop Filter”

Image:ATOMS Ultra Low Pressure Drop Filter
Specifications Standard specification
Model ATMPK-56-P-E ATMPK-70-P-E
Size 610×610×290
Air volume(m3/min) 56 70
pressure drop(Pa) 170±15 245±20
Collection efficiency(%)at0.3μm Collection Efficiency >99.97% Collection Efficiency >99.97%
Materials Media Glass Paper
Frame Galvanized steel
Sealant Polyurethane
Ribbon Hotmelt
Gasket EPDM
Weight(kg) Approx 18 Approx 18
Conditions Temperature<60℃ Humidity<95%(No dewfall)

*These products don't meet 99.99% over collection efficiency and scanning test requirements.

Compared to conventional products, these new high volume filters have a greatly reduced initial pressure drop. This means a more energy saving over the life of the filter, which translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions and a lower environmental load. The new ATMPK filters can be used a wide range of applications, from the processing of outside air destined for cleanrooms, to air conditioning for building.

Features of our new ATMPK product line

1. Air flow 56 m3/min. model(ATMPK-56-P-E)

  • Compared with our existing high-volume HEPA filter (ATMC-56-E48T), this new model has an initial pressure drop of about 75 Pa (some 30% lower).
  • The ATMPK-56-P-E saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions by about 35% (compared with our conventional filters).

2. Air flow 70 m3/min. model (ATMPK-70-P-E)

  • We developed this filter to be capable of processing 70m3 of air per minute through a 610x610mm aperture with a pressure drop of 245Pa.
  • This filter saves energy and space by reducing the numbers of filter units required inside the air-conditioning system.
  • The ATMPK-70-P-E saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions by about 35% (compared with our conventional filters).


  1. For cleanrooms that require energy and space savings
  2. For processing intake air in high volume air conditioning sytems for clean room
  3. Outlet air in conventional clean rooms

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