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Air outlet unit

Cleancell 2

[photo]Air outlet unit


By assembling our thin type large air volume minipleats filter, we remarkably succeeded in reducing thickness and weight.

Standard specification (example)

Item Standard
Type PCL2-128R-RUY
Rated air volume (m3/min) 28
Initial pressure drop (Pa) 245
Filter Name HEPA filter
Type ATMLK-28-E23
Collection efficiency 99.99%
(0.3µm airborne particle)
Size 610 x 610 x 75
Quantity 1 unit
Body Made of galvalume steel plate (SGLCC)
Rivet connection /silicone seal finishing
Media guard Punching metal made of steel plate
Melamine resin heated painting
Weight Approx. 20kg (including filter 5kg)

Product outline

[figure]Air outlet unit structure drawing
[figure]Details of ceiling installation of air outlet unit

Example pictures

  • [photo]Case with Air outlet unit
  • [photo]Case with Air outlet unit

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