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Large air volume minipleats HEPA

Large air volume

[photo]Large air volume minipleats HEPA

[photo]Large air volume minipleats HEPA


It can deal with about 3 times of air volume compared with standard mini-pleats HEPA filter at the same size. Its collection efficiency is 99.99% or higher and initial pressure drop is 245Pa and lower. Scan-tested.

Standard specification

Type Size(mm)
Height x Width x Depth
Rated air velocity
Rated air volume
Pressure drop (Pa) Collection efficiency
Initial Final
ATMLK-32-E38 610 x 610 x 98 1.61 32.0 245 498 99.99
at 0.3µm
ATMLK-28-E23 610 x 610 x 75 1.43 28.0 4.0
ATMLK-25-E41 610 x 610 x 65 1.28 25.0 3.5

Other sizes are also available.


[graph]Large air volume minipleats HEPA

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